Accident Claims

It is an unfortunate fact that many people experience injuries every day. The good news is that in some cases, the injured party can receive recompense for the injury. When an injury occurs, it is best to seek the advice of a solicitor who can explain the process.

The following is a general overview of the accident claims process.

Accident Claim – Meet with a Solicitor

As stated before, it is important to meet with a solicitor. The solicitor will be able to explain the process, but more importantly, he or she can advise clients on whether or not they have a claim.

Although many accidents are the fault of someone else, a solicitor is well-versed in the law and can navigate the complicated parts of the situation. In addition, solicitors are experts when it comes to winning cases.

Car Accident Claim – The Claim Letter

After a solicitor takes a case, the first thing he or she does is send a claim letter to the defendant. The letter sets out the details of the accident and the extent of the injuries. The defendant has a fixed set of time to respond to the letter.

The amount of time varies based on the injury, but it is usually no more than three months. The defendant must state whether he or she accepts or rejects responsibility for the accident. If the defendant accepts responsibility, then a solicitor will try to settle out of court.

Road Traffic Accident Claims – The Offer

Before anything goes to court, a solicitor will explain what he or she thinks the value of the plaintiff’s claim is, and then ask what amount the plaintiff is willing to accept.

Depending on the case, a solicitor may suggest the plaintiff make an offer to settle. If the defendant agrees to the offer, then the solicitors on both sides can settle out of court. In some cases, a defendant will respond with his or her own offer, and a solicitor will advise the plaintiff on what makes the most sense for the individual’s claim.

Work Accident Claims – Court Settlements

If solicitors cannot settle the matter outside of court, they will advise legal action. Legal actions are the result of a defendant denying responsibility of an accident, and refusing to pay the plaintiff.

In this scenario, the solicitor will advise the plaintiff to pursue payment through the courts. The plaintiff takes his or her case to a judge, and the court will decide whether or not the defendant is liable for damages.

If an injury happens, the first step is to seek legal advice from a licensed solicitor. A solicitor can help a plaintiff figure out whether he or she has a claim, and how much the claim is worth. Additionally, a solicitor can advise a plaintiff on settlements outside of court, and when it’s time to take a claim to court.

If the claim goes to court, a solicitor helps instruct the plaintiff on how to present his or her case, and helps handle the details. Accident claims are complicated, and sometimes stressful, but a good solicitor is the first step to simplifying the process.

Accident Claim